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Another Angle – What Ya Listening To?

Hello WordPress Community

Over the next few days we’ll be under construction. We will be up and running soon with News, Music, Analysis and whatever might suit us on any given day. Hope you’ll come back again and again for Another Angle on the Lamestream Media.

Just so we put the right vibe on this site I want to thank The Almighty for giving me what I have So I can share with others.  So we will start sharing the vibe right now while under construction with Roy Ayers playing Everybody Loves The Sunshine Live from Brewhouse Jazz.

That made me catch a groove, so here’s George Duke Live at The North Sea Jazz Fest with ‘From Dusk to Dawn’.

I gonna round it out and go back to the construction work. Look for everything to be up and running in a couple of days. I gonna leave you tonight with the vocalizations of a pure songstress. And George’s niece…Rachelle Ferrell and “I Can Explain” That’s what I’m listening to, how about you?


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