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Elections Have Consequences

Remember, just two days ago, EVERY member of the Senate Republican caucus killed a bill to fund the military because it included a provision that could lead to the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Just like they have been doing for almost two years, they sit on the sidelines saying no. No unemployment. No food assistance. No investment in America and its people, but plenty of welfare for corporations and people that need no help. No to health care for all. No to Wall Street reform. No to reform of the banks and the banksters. No to reducing the cost of prescriptions. No to equal pay for women. No to closing Guantanamo. No to everything that we elected President Obama to do.

And they now say THEY have a plan to fix everything. Is this the same plan McCain had to catch Bin Laden? Ask yourself a question. When was the last time Republicans or conservatives(still don’t know what the hell they want to conserve) did anything that helped you? It was trickle down and free market policies that sent our technology, machinery, raw materials, and our jobs to China and all those other places where “it can be done cheaper”. Who benefits from that? Not regular folk like us. Corporations and stockholders benefited. If you have a few shares of Acme, you got a few dollars. The ones that hit it big on downsizing were the ones that have thousands of shares. And the people that live in these other nations get crapped on too. Forced to work in sweatshops. Forced abortions. Slave conditions. but not slaves because they get $50 a month.

What have they done for you? What are you going to do for them?

By not voting you are giving them the greatest gift of all. Power. When Republicans had power they almost destroyed us all. Are you going to stay home and give them a chance to finish the job? Vote. And make sure 5 people you know that don’t usually vote, votes. We showed in ’08 that we outnumber backward thinkers. All elections have consequences. Let them fall on Republicans again in ’10.

See, I got through an entire post without calling them deceptiCons, supremacists, or asshol*s.


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